Who We Are

Bluefoxx is a company formed by leading Clothing and Business Professionals; we have gained experience working in the corporate clothing industry over the past 25 years. We work with manufacturers and suppliers from every level from fairly basic work wear to designer business attire.

Why Choose Us?

If you run a small or medium operation, Bluefoxx will help you to punch above your weight; we deliver world class corporate work wear that will make you and your staff look and feel like real championship contenders!
Make your colleagues feel even more valued by giving them smart, classy and comfortable work wear. Many customers tell us that this makes a marked difference to the way their colleagues feel. Helping with both recruiting and retaining the high quality staff you need to succeed!
By being in an environment where everybody is dressed in smart business wear reminds them that they are part of a team. When there is a strong smart team image, the whole company pulls together much better than individuals pulling their own way.
When professionally dressed staff visit customers, or they are noticed elsewhere in their attractive work wear, customers feel that you really mean business. This improves their confidence in you, often leading to better quality relationships with the most important people in your organisation.


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Feel free to contact us with any enquiries or if you would simply like advice.

5 Crusader Estate, Stirling Road, Cressex, High Wycombe, HP12 3ST
01494 531 100

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